PEERS Network

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PEERS Network


Deeply dedicated to personal and global transformation through love and empowerment

Explore these empowering websites coordinated by the nonprofit PEERS network: - Every person in the world has a heart - Reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups - Building a Global Community for All - Strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all - The Transformation Team: Conscious community in action
Educational websites promoting transformation through information and inspiration

What's New with My Subject?

Cultivating Community and Transformation Through Inspiration and Education

Public Education and Empowerment Resource Service (PEERS) is deeply committed to cultivating community and transformation through inspiration and education. Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, PEERS embraces a clear vision of building a brighter future through inspiring a sense of global community based on love and cooperation, and through educating the public to little-known forces underlying the political and economic structures that shape our world. The greatest part of our work involves both the ongoing development of several popular websites dedicated to these goals, and the creation of exciting new websites which powerfully facilitate community development and inspired action leading to personal and global transformation.

Through our current websites and their related email lists, PEERS provides important but often overlooked news from reliable sources, as well as inspirational stories, exercises, and community-building ideas designed to promote social harmony and inspire people to join in transforming our world into a better place for all members of our human family. The PEERS websites have received well over two million visits from almost every country in the world, (including even Antarctica and the Vatican!), and our combined emails lists now have over 6,000 subscribers from more than 90 countries.

Our inspiring Moment of Love website at is a powerful reminder that every person in the world has a heart, and that every heart has a place within that wants only to love and be loved. The Web of Love website at invites visitors to join in strengthening the energetic web of love that interconnects the hearts of all people on our beautiful planet. Several simple exercises give empowering ideas on deepening our connection with ourselves and with all around us. Both websites also have information on how to form a local Circle of Love for any people or groups dedicated to inspiration and transformation.

The Global Community for All website provides inspiring ideas for community building based on the principle that we all benefit both when we celebrate and learn from our diversity, and when we unite in supporting our common intention of what's best for all people as we invite ever-greater love, healing, and empowerment into our lives. This website provides an abundance of empowering ideas on how to start and grow local gatherings which bring people together in supporting each other to transform our lives and world.

The most visited PEERS website,, specializes in revealing critical information about important cover-ups of which few are aware. Using reliable, verifiable sources such as key news articles from the major media and revealing government documents, this highly educational website exposes hidden forces and agendas which too often lead to increased conflict, war, and injustice in our world. This highly praised website is also a call for all of us to work together for the good of all.

Our newest website, which is drawing lots of excited interest, is an amazing network tool for the global Transformation Team. This website is rapidly becoming a key portal of "conscious community in action," where deeply committed participants from around the world come together both online and face to face in their local communities. Transformation Team members hold productive meetings both on the website and in their homes, where they use a variety of empowering networking tools available on the website to help further transform their lives and our world to a new way of living based on love and empowerment. If shifting our planetary paradigm both locally and globally resonates with you, come join us!

PEERS provides all information compiled on our websites and email lists free of charge and without advertising. Donations and grants are our only source of income. We start with the understanding that every one of us makes a difference. By reminding people of this, and inspiring them to take action both in their personal lives and in the greater society, PEERS is making a big difference in building a more just, cooperative world. The large number of supportive and grateful emails we receive demonstrate that our efforts are greatly appreciated by an ever-growing number of the people. Your generous donations are what allows us to keep going and growing.

PEERS is involved through dialogue, information exchange, and mutual support with numerous like-minded nonprofit organizations supporting various aspects of personal and global transformation and community development, including Challenge Day (, NewHeavenNewEarth (, and The Love Foundation ( PEERS is a playing a vital role in the growing movement to support global social harmony and community.

How You Can Help

If you resonate with our bold vision for the future, we invite you to actively support PEERS, whether in the form of volunteering time or making a financial contribution. At this time we have only a small, largely volunteer staff with very limited time and resources. Your contributions, however large or small, can greatly help to support this tremendously important work and to make a difference in our world. Thanks to our nonprofit status, all contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. To make a donation by check, money order, or credit card, please visit Automatic monthly contributions are particularly appreciated as they enable us to have some certainty in our long-range planning.

To volunteer in any capacity or to find out more about us and our work, please contact us by visiting We are most grateful for your help and support of this important work, whatever form it might take. You can further help by contacting us with the names of key people or organizations which might be inspired to support our work. We are very interested in building mutually empowering relationships with all who are deeply committed to the work of global transformation. We also welcome ideas or suggestions you might have on any aspect of our work.

Empowering global transformation is the great challenge of our time as we move forward in this new millennium. We are excited to join with you and many other individuals and organizations in meeting this challenge as we spread ever more love and inspiration both in our personal lives and in our world. We know well that the more people who work together to educate the public on the forces that shape our world and to inspire and empower all of us to be the best we can be, the better chance we have of creating a brighter future for all. Thank you for joining in creating a more loving, supportive way of life for ourselves, our children, and for future generations. 

Have you ever felt that one of the main reasons you are here now is to help transform our planet to a new way of living based on love and empowerment?

Do you recognize that there is a divine essence in every person on this planet, and that as beautiful manifestations of the divine, all people deserve our love and support to be the best they can be?

Are you committed to move beyond old ways which focused on negative judgment and separation and to instead choose greater connection and love for yourself and everyone around you?

Are you open to exploring the deep hidden agendas affecting our planet?
Are you willing to work on transforming your own weaknesses and fears?
Are you willing to consider seeing fear as an invitation to spiritual growth?

Are you interested in being part of a large team of souls who know that we came here specifically to help ourselves and all who are ready on this planet to transform to a deeper, richer way of living in this eternal sacred moment?

If the answer is yes, welcome home to all of us! This website is a multi-faceted portal for powerfully building and supporting transformational community both locally and globally. Designed specifically for all committed to the harmonious integration of every aspect of ourselves and our world, our exciting website and team are co-creating a new global paradigm based on love and empowerment. Come join our conscious community in action as we create empowering transformation both in our personal lives and in our world!