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Artificer or artificer learner now may be defined as: someone who while being deeply and broadly technically skilled is reflexively orientated and who ethically and participatively explores the big picture and prioritises, chooses, designs and enacts forward wisely by creatively developing prototypes towards a world transformed. [Paul Wildman 15-12-03]



Bush Mechanic in other languages from ancient to contemporary times:

[To my mind the concept behind the term is universal as per below.  This I believe speaks of a wholistic intrinsic and universal energy/capacity that stretches across time and in a crucial sense tells us who we are and analytically what it is to be human – after all humans have needed a~hand to get a~head (literally hand → evolution → larger brain).  Now we see this energy especially in the West as just a few shards and described here in Australia pejoratively as ‘underwater macramé’.  Further more in some ways it is not anthropocentric as it extends beyond humans and speaks also of intelligent life as several other species make, use and adapt tools thus linking their version of ‘thinking’ with their version of ‘doing’.  I argue it is a basic human urge that is so important, yet today is so pejoritised, that it needs to be recognised in the UN Declaration of Human Rights]
(1) Ummanu The Seven Sages, who wrote the great epic poems such as those of Erra and Gilgamesh in the Babylonian epics. ‘Ammenon, another of the forms into which Enmenluanna was corrupted, is in:

(2) Akkadian ummanu, 'artificer,' 'artisan,' which, when translated into Hebrew, becomes Kenan and
(2) Sumerian Pilikam ‘with intelligence to build.’ [In the Apocalyptic literature Jubal, Jabal, Tubal-Cain and Naamah are all summed up under the name Genun.]
In (3) Babylonian Semitic it would be literally Ina-uzni-eresu, or, ummanu, ‘artificer.’
The (4) Hebrew translation of this is Kenan, which means ‘artificer’, which in an abbreviated form, Cainan or Cain’ which means ‘smith’ and which appears in the Christian bible as the name of Adam’s’ first son.
(5) Hindi Jugaadu – artisan.  Juggad. n. an improvised or jury-rigged solution; inventiveness, ingenuity.  Jugaad literally means a work around, which have to be used because of lack of resources and will power. This is a Hindi term also widely used by people speaking other Indian languages, and people of Indian origin around the word.  Jugaado/Jugaadu a person who practices Jugaad [see ].

(6) Americanfarmer astronaut, DIY
(7) French bricoleur for tinkerer. 

L’esprit Accor – is the art of blending skills, of combining traditions of the past with the modern innovation, adding the generosity, discipline, imagination and warmth which can carry our work to a higher level of excellence. L’esprit Accor then is a transforming vision of success.

Sauvage - An approach to design that (1) is original, untamed, authentically direct (personally undertaken), uncluttered, and self reliant as it comes forth from Nature; (2) uses common sense to braid thinking and doing in designing bottom up organic structures and systems that facilitate mutual aid and collectively act ahead wisely - translated into English exclusively as brutal and violently negative.  PW hugely important word whose essence has been lost in translation as English moves international and French shrinks, I fear the loss will not be recovered
(8)  Japanese daiku – the carpenter the great among craftsmen he is the master builder and the designer through the use of his carpenters sketch book where ideas, prototypes and experiences are recorded via. Tatami layout (tatami are floor units that link all rooms in a common denominator were originally a mat the size of two men sitting and eventually came to mean the whole floor unit of about 1x2mtrs) sketch of floor plans which is drawn by the family that will live in the home in conjunction with the daiku in order to achieve Enfilade [old French – to thread a needle - from Sennett (2008:259&263)] The sequence of, interface and flow between, rooms of a house so that one room yields gracefully to another – based on floor plan and door design, generally with a vista down the length of the building viz. Queenslander hallway ~ in all a crucial aspect of architectural design.  
(9) GreekAncient Greece a word also often used for craftsman was demioergos (public ~ demios and productive ~ ergon).  viz. producing – forming and making and therefore designing - i.e. artificing; Phronesisist Greek for one who practices wise action, practical wisdom (Bushie actually!!) ethical praxis. 

Poietal knowledge -  producing, forming and making and therefore designing - i.e. artificing something in the physiosphere interfaced with the noosphere e.g. work of art, building, prototyping, designing (and thus interpreting) etc.

Techne or techné, as distinguished from episteme, is etymologically derived from the Greek word τέχνη() which is often translated as craftsmanship, craft, or art – it is the interface between the doer and the done between thinking and doing. It is the rational method involved in producing an object or accomplishing a goal or objective in a way that links the doer and the done. The means of this method is through art/ifice. Techne resembles episteme in the implication of knowledge of principles, although techne differs in that its intent is making or doing, as opposed to ‘disinterested understanding’.

In Ion, Plato wrote that techne (in the sense of an art or craft) represented a threat to peace, order and good government for which Reason and Law ‘by common consent have ever been deemed best.’ Aristotle saw it as representative of the imperfection of human imitation of nature. For the ancient Greeks, it signified all the Mechanical Arts including medicine and music. The English aphorism, ‘gentlemen don’t work with their hands,’ is said to have originated in ancient Greece in relation to their cynical view on the arts. Due to this view, it was only fitted for the lower class while the upper class practiced the Liberal Arts of ‘free’ men.  Today techne has become technique and has lost its human skill component.

(10) Medieval English: Renaissance (hu)Man – interface central [A RPerson was (1400-1600AD), in order to be fully informed on him/her self and the outside world (inner | outer balance), ‘expected’ to undertake a RProject that could demonstrate, in the context of his or her civic duty, his or her mental ability, material capability and  polymath capacity through both theoretical and practical integration. – here the three key things modern social science omits – ethics, craft and convergent action were embedded in the daily ethos].  Statute of Artificers London 1563 is strongly linked to the meaning of artificers in this piece.

(11) Modern English bush mechanic (Australian), artificer, handyman,  jack of all trades, shed-a-holic (when googling 10-2008 this one is asked ‘do you mean ‘shopaholic’’ sic. I rest my case!!) Includes elements of Autopoiesis - self organisation wherein the artificer with her techne uses technology to generate autopoiesis – the essence of a living system (this then interfaces with cybernetics and systems theory).
(12) Creactivist – someone who actively creates (Paul Wildman).

(13) Other related terms: sub-altern, demiurge, practical philosopher, futuring, critical futures praxiser, anticipatory action learner, praxeology, Prohairesist – Greek for one who chooses ahead wisely – (Bushie extended to acting ahead wisely).


An Artificer is someone who, over a period of years and with substantial effort, resources and commitment, and as part of their responsibility as world citizen, participative and anticipatively conceives designs, establishes and learns through an exemplar project in order to demonstrate today a better world is possible for our children’s children. [Paul Wildman 15-01-2006]

Paul is a member of World Futures Studies Federation and a co-director, with his wife in his family company in the area of kids and adults learning through play and action respectively.

Wildman, P; Miller, I. Artificer Learning through the Demiurgic Field of Dreams. 2004, Prosperity Press: Brisbane. p. 20.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." ~ Albert Einstein

Artificer Learning through
the Demiurgic Field of Dreams

Introduction 3
Background 3
Various Aspects of the DUF 4
Demiurge as Chaos. 4
Attributes of the term 4
The DUF and Esoteric Knowledge "elements of a metaphysical skeleton" 5
DUF DemiUrgic Field 5
The DUF in Mythos 6
Hermes 6
Apollo 7
Gaea 7
Uranus 7
The Cosmic Trinity 9
The DUF and Levels of Consciousness 10
Linking the DUF as Mythos to Archetypes, Dreams and our Exoteric Everyday World 12
DUF and the Source of Exoteric Knowledge 13
Techniques For Touching the DUF 13
Personality Typology 14
Artificer Learning 14
Conclusion 15
Appendix A Comparing the Subtle Energy Matrix and the Vital Energy Patrix 16
Appendix B Two Types of Evolution macro analytical and micro synthetical 17

Paul Wildman comm 5-96
PO 208 Nundah 4012 Brisbane Aust

Iona Miller
The Ionasphere


DUF DemiUrgic Field
GES Grounded Energy System soul cold energy neg entropic - grounded connectedness synthesis ultimately expressed through the SEM
LOC Levels of Consciousness
PES Psychic Energy System spirit hot energy entropic intellectual discernment analysis
PMF Plane of Manifest Form
UEG Universal Energy Grid
UML Universal Mind Lattice
Subtle Energy Matrix (SEM) = Yin energy pervasive like gravity, chi, background radiation also called dark energy, Aum - Dove of Hope What's best for all network diversity commonality - open - trust -neg entropic sensational and matrilogical - feminine
Vital Energy Patrix (VEP) = Yang energy specific and focused like a tree or sunlight also called light energy Aum Lion of Judgment self actualisation entity - speech unity conformity - closed - Libertarian duty entropic mentational and patrilogical or narrow rationalist masculine

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and science.
Albert Einstein art (SEM) and science (VEP).

This article explores the fundamental ground field we all exist within and from which we arise to have our being. Ancients have called this (pro)creative ground the demiurgic field (DUF). Entranced by modern day hustle and bustle, we tend to favour our cognitive intellect, the ‘sky energies’ or light forces. Here we seek to explore the "darker" primordial matrix of chthonic energy that shapes or artifices the way we are. We conclude by listing some ways that this energy system can be seen in our day to day world - how we can "touch and be touched by the DUF"; so to speak, including a system of learning "artificer learning" that draws from this energy.

I, (Wildman), first became aware of the idea of the DUF in deep reflections on ‘where do my values come from’ as a direct result of my doctoral work in the early to mid 90's. Undertaking an explication of the ‘interests’ that lay behind some 10 years of publishing, my interest was again sparked in developing the concept of an esoteric thesis (1995-95). See Wildman and Cundy (2002), Wildman (2002). These interests represented patterns in my research where I sensed my "esoteric" voice was speaking in the patterns of the unconscious through a reciprocal conscious > unconscious cycle. Harwood (2001), Wildman (2002).

In my doctoral explication, I was able to ‘identify’ several deep patterns in my data* that had arisen over the past decade of praxis** i.e. several "chreodes"; as one may say. Chreodes are found in chaos theory and represent the dips/valleys in the morphic field or Universal Energy Grid (UEG) where a ball or water will ‘tend’ to flow. Chreodes are in effect the chaos theory equivalent of archetypes. Chreode: A canalised pathway of change within a morphic field []

The inquiry ball always rolled, and still does, down these valleys. The next steps for me was to publish the methodology I developed (Reflective Praxis). Then I followed the valleys upstream to see how I adopted certain value positions that (although appearing eclectic) are coherent to me.

In this article, we argue that the demiurgic concept underpins/provides the foundation and grounding for the rational and thus the ethical. This model culminates ultimately in spiritual epiphanies and thus loops back infinity, symbolically and self-referentially to the grounding.

The web of life, including human beings, can be modeled as an emanation of the Demiurgic or Universal Creative Field [DemiUrgic Field (DUF)]. It contains from eternity the idea of the "created world" within itself. This idea is identified with the unmanifested Logos, creative spirit, or God. The first Idea "born in darkness before the creation of the world" remains in the unmanifested Mind. The second is this Idea emanating as a tangible manifestation from the Mind (now the manifested Logos) clothed as matter and assuming an objective existence. DUF is the primal source of patterning information. Everything is a manifestation of this esoteric [metaphysical] underlying creative potential, we call the DUF. At our most primordial level, we are that.

Various Aspects of the DUF
DUF functions in a Platonic way as an artificer, i.e., shaper of the form of manifest reality to parallel that of the "idea or ideal", heavenly or cosmic templates. For instance The Bible tells of God "shaping" or artificing the first humans from clay. In one Greek version of the same pre-scientific metaphor of god(s) creating humans, Prometheus made humans from clay. In another, Hephaestus created the body of the first woman from water and clay then Zeus breathed life into Pandora, who embodied the woes of corporeal existence.

Demiurge and evolution. Evolutionary systems are negentropic and are generative systems endowed with self-modifying and self-organizing chreodic capacities, and their potential for unfolding into object-structures is already implicit or present within the universe of possible states of affairs contained within formally induced sets of dynamic configurations. As such, genetic space is the logical outcome of the convergence of a cosmic concept of reason (yang) and a transcendent concept of nature (yin), thereby, pointing to a creative principle that may be called demiurgic. Demiurgic intentionality acts through the medium of nature much like our human creative intentionality works as artificer on or through a medium.

The DUF also relates to arcane spiritual, eg. it is the transformer aspect of the mysterium in Masonry, etc. In Kabbalah, it is the Supernal Triad of the Tree of Life glyph manifesting from the Veils of Negative Existence. In Buddhism, it is the Void. This paper sees DUF independent, yet productive, of esoteric paths either spiritual or soulual/soulfull. In this light, for example, Masonry is the spiritual or arcane intellectual dimension of Yang spirituality.

Demiurge as Chaos.
Our need to procreate and to know originate in what other Greeks called Chaos. The undecomposable Chaos was not envisioned as an emptiness, but a rich, generative source a nothingness from which all form proceeded. All creation stories, including our scientific ones, begin in a fertile Nothingness from which the world springs into being.

It will not do to minimize the alienating nature of time, which has become the one undeniable ruler of our world. But we must not forget Nietzsche’s injunction, ‘one must have a bit of Chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star.’

The view this article takes of the DUF is more as lens, as a generative matrix for the emergence of self-organisation.

Attributes of the term
The term DUF arose on the Futures list-serve I hosted, as professor for three years from 95-97 at Southern Cross University, Australia in email posts from students and other co-learners. I have been intensely interested in the concept since then as it corresponds with my own thinking about the origin of values/ethics. In particular, it underlies the ethical set that helps proscribe a person’s value paradigm and thereby to a substantial extent actually "defines" the person.

demiurge /'demi. d3/ noun Philosophy 1 (in Platonic philosophy) the artificer of the world. 2 (in the Gnostic and certain other systems) a supernatural being imagined as creating or fashioning the world in dipole form and in subordination to the Supreme Being, and in some religions regarded as the originator of evil. [Gk demiourg-s worker for the people, artificer, maker]

Myths tell us in symbolic language about powers of the psyche to be recognised and integrated into our lives, powers that have been common to the human spirit forever. Myths are collective dreams by which humanity has weathered and will weather the millenniums. Qualls-Corbett (1988:53). As such myths integrate reason, imagination and emotion.

Demiurge as prime mover, eg. demiurge of the new age, a magistrate judging right and wrong in certain Greek States

Demiurge n [LL demiurgus, fr. Gk demiourgos, lit, artificer, one with special skill, fr. demios of the people (fr. demos people) + -ourgos worker, more at demagogue, work] (1678):
1. Platonic subordinate deity who fashions the sensible world in the light of eternal ideas;
2. A Gnostic subordinate deity who is the creator of the material world;
3. One that is an autonomous creative force or decisive power -- demi.ur.gic also adj.;
4. Greek Demiourgos (‘public worker’); in philosophy, a subordinate god who fashions and arranges the physical world to make it conform to the eternal and thus rational ideal; ‘craftsman’, ‘artisan’, manual workers, but also heralds, soothsayers, and physicians; certain magistrates or elected officials.

The DUF and Esoteric Knowledge elements of a metaphysical skeleton
The DUF or DemiUrgic Field equals a transtemporal morphic field of dreams = transcendent (Past+Present+Future) energies from which myths and archetypes come ->then paradigms or worldviews come->intrinsic values emerge->then collective ethics and values->then socioeconomic causes come->and finally the litany of events comes.

In Plato's dialogue Timaeus, the Demiurge was the creator of the world, the builder of the material universe of manifest form. In Platonic idealism, all forms emerge from an Ideal plane of universals. In later Neoplatonic and Gnostic philosophies, the Demiurge was still considered the architect of the world, but an entity distinct from and secondary to the supreme God (the progenitor). The DUF is the dream from which ‘stuff’ is made.

The Demiurge is like a lens for cosmic consciousness which as it passes through the lens/field then fashions reality with its dualism. DUF can be imaged as a divine craftsperson possibly like the Holy Spirit, working with the archetypes as patterns for constellating esoteric energies into imaginal, symbolic, or concrete apparitions, eg. Jesus, Gnostic archons, or the Anima Mundi.

Thus, the Demiurge takes esoteric consciousness as undifferentiated universal energy and through its impact on the plane of emergent form shapes or artifices (manifests) reality (manifestation). The demiurge then is the supreme morphogenesis, the coming into being of form.

R. W. Emerson said, "Imagination is not a talent of some men, but the health of every man" The True Imagination of humans gives us access to the mesocosmos, which links to the physical reality of the microcosmos via intuition to archetypes, and to the alchemic realm of the macrocosmos via consciousness. So imagination has two dimensions intuition and reason. The DUF is the land of Hermes and archetypes it is the domain of Hermes.

The DUF in Mythos
The Greek mythos is foundational to both science and western mythology. The four gods most directly related to Artifice and the DUF are Hermes and his mirror image Apollo, Uranus and the mother of all mothers Gaea. Both Hermes and Gaea are gods of the field of dreams.

Hermes, the son of Zeus and Maia, corresponds with his Roman version, Mercury. His name is probably derived from herma (herm), the Greek word for a heap of stones used in the country to indicate boundaries, direction, milestones or as a landmark. In literature Hermes was often associated with the protection of cattle and sheep, which extended to vegetation, especially Pan and the nymphs.

In the Odyssey, however, he appears mainly as the messenger of the gods and the conductor of the dead to Hades, the chaos of the underworld, which we have modeled as the DUF or Subtle Energy Matrix. Hermes was also a god of dreams, our psychic herms or milestones, so the Greeks offered him their last libation before sleep. As a mobile messenger, he was also the god of roads, thresholds, and doorways. Hence, he became the protector of travellers.

In many respects he was Apollo's counterpart; like him, Hermes was a patron of music and was credited with the invention of the kithara and sometimes of music itself. He was also god of eloquence and presided over some kinds of popular divination. Apollo was a god of consciousness, of awareness, of cognition, of linear rational intellect in the abstract, judgmental, yang oriented Western sense of the Active Energy Patrix. Hermes, on the other hand, is the god of understanding, of practical knowledge, of artifice intelligence in the holistic yin oriented Eastern sense of the Subtle Energy Matrix.

Hermes then is an expression of demiurgy -- the outward manifestation of form as a translation of divine energy -- in this instance the chaos of the demiurgic field. In modern terms, we might envision Hermes as the fundamental informational content of the patterning matrix.

Hermes was depicted in several forms apart from stylised herms. He was portrayed as a full-grown and bearded man, clothed in a long tunic and often wearing a winged cap and winged boots. When dealing with matters of the heart we sometimes find a Hermes with three sets of wings - an additional set on his back symbolising heart or commitment. In this instance, Hermes represents a balance between cognition, action and emotion (head, heels and heart). Sometimes he was represented with a herald's staff (or caduceus), which symbolizes the intentionality of the telos or guiding spirit.

This Greek staff carried by Hermes, the messenger of the gods, was a symbol of peace and dynamic balance between earth and heaven, between the matrix and the patrix. It is typically depicted as two snakes with heads facing entwined in opposite directions around a staff topped with a winged globe, in token of Hermes' speed. This is a western version of the three channels of subtle energy flow called Kundalini in India: Ida (Yin), Pingala (Yang) and Shushumna (Tao). It is similar to the lifeforce caduceus adopted as a symbol by modern physicians after the staff of healer god Asklepius, which is branched at the top and entwined by a single serpent.

In Greek religion, Apollo, (or Phoebus, Helios), is a solar deity with many functions, among the most widely revered and influential of all the Greek gods. In both Greece and Italy he was associated primarily with healing and creativity (his Muses). In art, Apollo was represented as a beardless youth, either naked or robed, and often holding either a bow or a lyre; or, with his twin sister Artemis, the Moon.

Though his original nature is obscure, from the time of Homer onward he was the god of divine distance, threatening even from afar. He made men aware of their own guilt and purified them of it; he presided over religious law and the constitutions of cities; he communicated the will of his father Zeus and the future to man through prophets, such as the Delphic Oracle.

Distance, death, terror, and awe were symbolized by his bow. The gentler side of his nature, however, was shown in his other attribute, the lyre, which proclaimed the joy of communion with Olympus (the home of the gods) through music, poetry, and dance. In humbler circles he was also a god of crops and herds (parallel to Hermes), primarily as a divine defense against wild animals and disease, as his epithet Alexikakos (Averter of Evil) indicates. His forename Phoebus means “bright” or “pure”.

Gaea, also called Ge, is the primordial creative matrix (cosmic womb), the Greek personification of the Earth (matter) as a goddess. She was mother and wife of Uranus (Heaven), whose union gave birth to Cronos (time). Gaea may have originally been a pre-hellenic matriarchal goddess worshipped in Greece before patriarchal Zeus. Less widely worshipped in historic times, Gaea was described as the giver of dreams and the nourisher of plants (again a link to Hermes) and young children.

Uranus in Greek mythology was the personification of heaven, a domain antecedent to spacetime. According to Hesiod's Theogony, Gaea (Earth) as a form of demiurge, emerging from primeval Chaos (the DUF or Subtle Energy Matrix), produced Uranus, the Mountains, and the Sea. Only chaos existed in the beginning.

Uranus characterizes the original evolutionary impulse -- the mystic grandfather of all existence. The story of Uranus is rooted in the Greek Creation Myth, which speaks of events before the birth of human consciousness. It represents an aspect of the universe which appeared before manifest space and time (Cronos). Zero is pure unmanifest potential, even prior to the original impulse. Its psychic equivalent is superconsciousness.

The primordial vacuum is a boiling stew from which pairs of positive and negative subatomic particles bubble into being for the briefest of instants, where the potential for our evolution pre-exists us - the DUF. Inflationary theory suggests that what erupted was a "false vacuum," a peculiar form of matter predicted to exist by many particle theorists. It is characterized by a repulsive gravitational field, one so strong it can explode into a universe.

In terms of personal experience, Uranus represents conception through growth in the womb (space/time) and emergence into independent existence. It is pre-conceptual consciousness, pure creative consciousness emerging from the fount of Chaos. The seemingly random element produced Gaea, the deep-breasted earth or matter, from within infinite potential. For matter to exist, the force of attraction also had to appear (super-celestial Eros). Uranus, the starry heavens, is Gaea's first-born child.

The Dance of Uranus
In other words, the first descent of matter into the threshold of concrete existence came from a chaotic matrix, the virtual vacuum fluctuation - the Z factor of the wriggling universe. Wildman (2003a&b). See Zitterbewegung, our Wriggling Infinite Universe”.

Einstein's formulation of E = mc2 is only the first step toward describing the complex interactions between energy and matter. Each instance of particulate matter in our subluminal material universe is an aggregation of nonmaterial, subquantum physical energy. The organisation of mass-energy is directed and sustained by the transcendent continuum of phenomenal consciousness. Energy interfaces couple transcendent hyperinformation and hyperenergy to electromagnetic zero point fields which manifest a zitterbewegung, a universal trembling movement. Thus the trembling zitterbewegung may be one effect of transcendent information and energy transfers.

Zitterbewegung is a German word, which means literally "quivering motion", the “Dance of Uranus”. It arises from the interference of the positive-energy and the negative-energy plane-wave components of the bound-state wave function where there is a positive sum. That is, all the variations do not simply cancel one another out but manifest a collective small positive gain in energy.

Harnessing the Dance of Uranus
We can quantise the electromagnetic field (EM field) in terms of a collection of harmonic oscillators generating zero-point energy. Thus, the vacuum (even in the absence of photons) now contains fluctuating electric fields and fluctuating magnetic fields that can be harnessed to produce energy.

These fluctuations cause electrons to exhibit what has been called the Zitterbewegung Effect. Because of these fluctuating fields, electrons wobble when they spin. The wobble increases the electron's magnetic moment so that the electron's and its field’s Net Gravity Factor (NGF) is 2.002319314, instead of 2 (as deduced from Dirac's Quantum theory of the electron), ie., a NGF of 1.16% variation or wriggling. This may be compared to 0 from Newton’s Steady State Equilibrium (SSE) theory. Now we have the Dynamic Equilibrium Theory, which incorporates Chaos Theory and Fractal Mathematics.

According to classical Newtonian physics, apart from physical material such as planets, stars and asteroids, there is nothing in the void of interstellar vacuum. Quantum theory from the 1930’s said there is "something"out there but that it is stable - Equilibrium Steady State (ESS). Finally, NonEqulibrum Steady State (NESS) theory of the early 2000's says there certainly is ‘something’ out there and further claims it wriggles, ie., a vacuum has a 1.16% wriggling or Zitterbewegung Factor. This Z factor, or zero-point energy of 0. 002319314, or 1.16% variation or wriggling, is the suggested driving force in many alternative or so-called free-energy models.

The Cosmic Trinity
The cosmic trinity of chaos, matter, and electromagnetic fluctuation (in some cosmologies the father, son and holy ghost, while in others the mother, child and earth spirit) lies at the heart of modern chaos theory. It bears directly on another Greek archetype that we all share--the psyche.

Echoes of this first ‘day’ of chaos are still with us and, in fact, we could not live without them. For instance, scientists have found that the principle of underlying chaos deterministically conditions many of the patterns of physical existence. Chaos is found in our brainwaves, heartbeats, the fractal structure of our breathing, circulatory, digestive, and nervous systems. We see chaos in all natural processes from the weather to evolution. And the turbulence in our lives reminds us that "we are that."

Uranus represents deep subconscious forces which operate well below the normal state of awareness. Chaos emerges in irrational, unexpected, seemingly bizarre ways like dreams and intuitions when the ego is asleep or preoccupied. It is the eruption of cosmic consciousness, a non-ordinary perception of oneness with deep space and identification with all creation -- past, present and future, a form of Dreamtime/Todaytime interplay. Wildman (1996a)

Uranus is the first patterning of matter once it emerges from total chaos. In embryonic development it means the stage from conception to undifferentiated cellular development, still full of all potential. There is no brain development, so the experience is totally raw, impressionistic and visceral.

What makes it imperative for us to embrace the new scientific paradigm implied by chaos theory, by Gaea and her first-born Uranus? By rejecting chaos, we reject Gaea. And she is not only the Earth, the love of the planet, the integrity of life forms, but all matter in the universe, including our own physical bodies. Returning to these deep states of consciousness, the well-springs of our being, fosters a new kind of love of our own physical embodiment. This new image of self arises to foster us from the most primordial level.

Whatever the essence of chaos is, we are that. By rejecting it, we run the danger of rejecting our selves. Chaos is the essence of life. Chaos is essential to health. Chaos describes the structural growth patterns in nature. Chaos theory leads to a new vision of matter, one no longer passive, but one associated with spontaneous, creative, nonlinear activity, and a healing state of consciousness.

The DUF and Levels of Consciousness
I recall the dodgem or bumper cars my father let me play in when I went to the circus as a child. I loved to play in them and then watch them operate sometimes for hours afterward. Each car, protected by plastic bumpers all around them, would take one or two people.

Powered by an electric motor, its power came from electrified chicken wire hung just over 2 metres above the metal sheeting floor. A vertical rod on the rear of the cars conducts the power. Sparks and blue lightening flow from the chicken wire to the electrical connector on each rod at the top of each car.

Analogously, pure consciousness informs the DUF then enters the Plane of Manifest Form (PMF), which is manifested as dipole potentials both neg-entropic and entropic, yin and yang, electrical and magnetic. This is embedded in the metaphor where God (pure consciousness) creates (PMF) humanity (dipole) so he can realise who he is.

From an electrical perspective, the power flows from the morphic field of the chicken wire through the rod then into the electrical motors controlling the rear. Each of these wheels is grounded onto the metal sheeting floor. So the circuit runs from the positive chicken wire 2 metres above the ground or ‘earth’ to the metal sheeting under the car wheels.

A metaphorical circuit runs from the sky king/father spirit categorical left brain Yang god to the earth queen/mother soul institutive right brain Yin goddess and return in a cycle of equivalence. In this cycle of the eternal return, the individual dodgem car becomes a metaphor for our own body, a ‘cosmic transducer’ transforming cosmic consciousness to terrestrial consciousness and enabling us to move around the world/dodgem arena. Here the conductor rod represents the vertical gaze of levels of consciousness.

Energy flows from the cosmic level of the morphic field ‘cum’ electrified chicken wire to the operation of the electrical motors, from the rational or philosophical level of 'objectifyable' knowledge to the grounded or earthed power, i.e. cosmic consciousness, flowing between the metal plates on the floor and the chicken wire ceiling. The exoteric thesis is at this level of the motor and the consciousness of the driver.

The esoteric thesis describes movement up and down the ‘lightening rod’, which represents levels of consciousness. Further, the same level, i.e. the steering of the vehicle, dictates the direction of the dodgem car. The actual direction chosen, however, is selected consciously by the driver. Often there is no fixed course, yet vehicles flow in a certain direction, revealing self-organization at work.

Metaphorically, the bumper cars represent the vital energy patrix power of the chicken wire of consciousness and the wriggling web of life as the dodgem grounds the power to the metal floor, representing the subtle energy matrix, i.e. the field of manifest form or categories we call the DUF. We can also imagine the dodgem pavilion of onlookers as a learning system plugged into the broader ‘fairground’ of possible ‘fun’ conscious experiences and rides.

The DUF however moves from level beyond the dipole electrical/magnetic constructs of energy of + (yang) or - (yin) or north or South Pole. Human consciousness is shaped by this dipole nature of reality, or manifest form. This diversity is illustrated as follows:

Table 1: Constellated Interests - Key aspects of Yang and Yin Energies
Yang Yin
+ -
Rationality Mentality
I think I am I relate we are
Individualist Mutualist
Guardian Synergist
Right Left
Pressure Vacuum
Explosion Implosion
Light Energy Dark Energy
Masculine Feminine
Constitution Interests
Formal Informal
National Community
Punitive Appreciative
Fear Hope
Activity Passivity
Goad Nurturance
Enforce Encourage
Innovation Security
Expedition Consolidation
Sword Water
Hardness Sensitivity
Push Containment
Boldness Receptivity
Invulnerability Flexibility
Thought Feeling
Rationality Emotion
Punishment Reward
Demand Protection
Provision Care
Impulse Repose
Courage Prudence
Resistance Nutrition
Indignation Understanding
Externalisation Internalisation
Ethics Integrity
Public Private
Instruct Convince
Reflection Intuition
Command Ask
Tough Love Unconditional Love
Responsibilities Rights
Prescriptive Ethics Inscriptive Ethics
[External codes] [Written on our heart]

Linking the DUF as Mythos to Archetypes, Dreams and Daily Life
As we move deeper into the psyche toward increasingly unconscious and collective layers, individual uniqueness of the differentiated ego gives way to increasingly collective symbolic entities called archetypes. Beyond them there are grounded fields of undifferentiated psychic DUF-type energy from which they arise.

Here the DUF is an inter-dimensional force that is part of the very fabric of spacetime. It is generally perceived as unconscious urges, expectations and interests. Biblically this can manifest as, for instance, the Old Testament ‘bush that burnt without being consumed’ in the Pentateuch, or the modern equivalent of a UFO powered by fire that is inexhaustible. This then is also the morphic field of the yin motor Miller (2000), Wildman (2003a, b), Wildman et. al. (2003). As such, it speaks of an energy system that works with interconnectedness, where learning and evolutionary or negentropic benefits in one area increases the potential for survival of similar creatures in another unrelated area. Hauck (1999:60).

These archetypes are inherent in human kind throughout history. Thus, they may be seen as providing a link (for example, through dreams) between the esoteric and exoteric forms of knowledge.

Archetypes are collective holistic pathways that compliment discerning analytical yang process. Qualls-Corbett (1988:54). The archetype represents a relatively stable doorway, a wormhole, a transition, a psychic herm between these demiurgic fields and the individualised ego. Qualls-Corbett (1988:102). DemiUrgic Fields or DUF's provide the transformative field in which transformations of the psyche through the field of dreams -- manifest through archetypes. The collective becomes manifest in the particular, as individuation. DUF's are the generative field of the individuation process

DUF and the Source of Exoteric Knowledge
In the classical physics worldview the cosmos is inhuman (or mechanical), yet we are not. Humanity faces an existential crisis when solitary and mortal conscious ego is confronted with an ultimately meaningless, indifferent and unknowable universe. The situation is profoundly unintelligible and resolvable only by a Promethean project whereby humankind frees humankind from controlling nature through its technology.

The birth/death metaphor is a kind of transduction point between dimensions, a pivot point that links the biological and the archetypal. Tarnas (1991:10)

Techniques For Touching the DUF
Techniques for Touching the DUF (TFTDUF) include:
Reflective Praxis: Here one looks for meta patterns in the past, whether it be in ones life, research questions, career, relationships - generally over a decade.Wildman (1995)
Heuristic Inquiry: This system is a form of hermeneutic circle of enquiry, moving in five steps through immersion, incubation, illumination, explication, creative synthesis [to immersion]. Moustakas (1990)
Focusing: Clear a Space, Felt Sense, Get a Handle, Resonate, Ask - Dig Deeper, Receive, Enact. Gendlin (1981)
Storytelling: Reason (1988), Tarnas (1991), Wildman (1995), (1996a); Wildman & Blomeley (1998), Wildman & Inayatullah (1996)
Personality Typology: Miller (2003)
Artificer Learning: Wildman (2002); (2004)
Alchemy: related to artificer learning, alchemy deliberately extends the exoteric into the esoteric and reifies both. Hauck (1999)
Devotional life: For instance Bhakti yoga, sufi mysticism. Wildman (1996b)

A comparison of some of these methods is presented in the following table:

Table 1: A comparison of selected Techniques for Touching the Demi Urgic Field
Phase TFTDUF Heuristic Inquiry Bhakti Sufi Alchemy
I Doing Immersion Synergy Knowledge (exoteric thesis)love leadImmersion -involvement in mundane life
II Reflecting Incubation Resonance Non-attachmentBewilderment Gnosis
III Melding & Release Illumination Union UnitySelf-realisationGod-realisation Recognition
IV Rebirth Explication New Life In itself ie. God - realisation Release
V Re-entry of life Creative Synthesis Total Devotion Absorption of the salt doll into the cosmic/mystic ocean RemouldingRebirthReimmersionResurrectionGold
Touching pattern Cycle/Spiral Path Quest Journey
Source: P Wildman 05-02. TFTDUF Techniques For Touching the DUF

In all these systems there is a seven step, five Phase process:
Phase 1: Step 1; a search Step 2; a period of reflection
Phase 2: Step 3; an annihilation of present self Step 4: a union with God
Phase 3: Step 5; release
Phase 4: Step 6; rebirth/ transmutation of self and
Phase 5: Step 7; reimmersion in life Phase 1
Touching the DUF generally occurs in Steps 2 and/or 6 [Phases 1 and/or 4].

Art, such as devotional poetry, or the famous spell from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, exemplifies this process. During the Western enlightenment period of the early 1600s, when magic and alchemy co-existed with science, poetry linking the inner subjective alchemic and outer objective scientific worlds was considered a form of metaphysics that could lead toward transformation. (Miller, 1994)

This linking concept of the transcendent interface between the inner and outer is what we call ‘touching the DUF. An example is seen in the movie ‘Contact’, staring Jodie Foster. A friend once explained a transcendent experience she had on the beach: looking out to sea, the waves appeared to start to break over her ;she merged with the sand, the sun, and the surf; holding her hand up to the sun, she could see right through it. She had merged with the earth matrix, with Gaea, with the Subtle Energy Matrix of Appendix A. She had touched the DUF.

Personality Typology
Different temperaments express their creativity differently. MBTI personality type reveals creativity can be awakened (from the DUF level) in means that resonate with each type. Creativity emerges when fostered in a sympathetic form - one harmonious with one’s type -- or evoked during life experience, possibly from dire need or deep affection. Likewise, art therapy with the less-integrated functions used for expression, readily reveals the unconscious aspects valuable to therapeutic process. Of course, all art can reveal the unconscious. Right brain, nonverbal artistic process can harmonize with left brain verbally organized conceptualizations.

Artificer Learning
Artificer Learning is learning through shaping; it is an outworking of DUF energy. It is not learning through thinking, doing, feeling, undertaking, experiencing, being, etc. It is different from cognitive learning, behavioural learning, emotional learning, action learning, experiential learning, and ontological learning.

The vast majority of our education and learning systems are cognitive, i.e., about thinking and writing rather than about shaping and making. Artificer Learning is all about learning by shaping. It is shaping, as when the potter shapes the clay with a certain telos, a clear intention, foreknowledge as well as design of what is to be shaped. The artificer changes the shape in the process of its formation to suit the particular situation.

Here, the curriculum derives from the lived life of the student. In retrospect, Artificer Learning helps us learn about ourselves by helping us understand what we have shaped: Who and How is it that we have lived this way? Wildman (2004a) explicates these differences. Here the DUF, as the generative matrix for our creativity and social structures, helps shape our future and explains our past. Understanding this process can enhance our agency, our ability to make a difference today. It can also help us touch the DUF and help the DUF touch us.

It may well be that this article has fallen between the stools. It may be neither sufficiently esoteric for ‘noetic’ or transpersonal readers nor sufficiently ‘pragmatic’ for our more skeptical readers. This conundrum lies at the heart of what a Demiurge is one who shapes the world in line with divine intent so the link between the esoteric and exoteric is essentially the dwelling place for this Hermetic energy. In the final sections, we suggested intentional ways we can touch, and be touched by, the DUF. So much of our experience in the modern world is about following rules that someone else laid down yesterday rather than allowing guidance to emerge within our hearts as we continually seek to do the right things for ourselves and our children’s children. We hope this article goes some small way toward facilitating emergence of that process.

Appendix A Comparing the Subtle Energy Matrix and the Vital Energy Patrix

No SEM [Subtle Energy Matrix] VEP [Vital Energy Patrix]
1 Yin Yang
2 Circle Arrow
3 -- +
4 Descension Ascension
5 Absorption of individual soul as salt doll into cosmic ocean Salvation of individual ‘soul’ in VEP as heaven above and destruction of earth.
6 Psyche Spirit
7 Ego Death Super ego birth
8 Dark Night of the Soul Bright Day of the Spirit
9 Soulual devt Spiritual devt
10 Reflective Praxis
11 Heuristic Inquiry
12 Yin Ethics Yang Ethics
13 Art Science
14 Psychological Renewal through Archetype Epiphanic Event
15 Shamanic (Crisis) Exotericà University
16 Wicker Masonry
17 Gravity Light
18 Magnetism
19 Electricity
20 New Age approach Arcane/Esoteric Schools
22 Esoteric
23 Psychic Experiences, Channelling, clairvoyance, out of body experiences
24 Unity Consciousness Self-realisation Epiphanic Consciousness
25 Focusing on patterns Focusing on objects
25 DUF Rational Conscious Intellect
26 Artificer learning Cognitive learning
27 Do to try Try to do
28 Gaea Hermes Apollo
Source; P Wildman no 5 4-04

Appendix B Two Types of Evolution - macro analytical and micro synthetical

‘The Darwinian theory is wrong and the continued adherence to it is an impediment to discovering the correct evolutionary theory’ ~ Fred Hoyle

‘Evolution is chaos with feedback.’ --Gleick, Chaos

This appendix proposes that two forms of evolution exist. Current models of evolutionary development are anachronistic, focusing almost exclusively on the type of evolutionary development permitted by Newtonian law and rationality, ignoring the insights proffered by modern physical research.

There are two distinct classes of evolutionary development. The first is an entropic process that will be called microevolution (based on classical Newtonian principles), the second is a negentropic process that will be called macroevolution (based upon the principals of plasma behaviour, quantum physics, the active vacuum). Currently textbooks teach entropic microevolution as if this is the only way animals evolve.

Major jumps in evolution must be accomplished by some alternative system of negentropic, even teleological, certainly homologous physics that is capable of increasing the level of order within a system within the context of patterns or chreodes. This notion is not extant in classical Newtonian physics, and the entropic nature of the universe is one of the fundamental cornerstones of science. What is still not yet widely appreciated however, is that a number of experimenters on the leading edge of current physical science, have documented the existence of a second cold, time-reversed, negentropic state of energy, particularly associated with the active vacuum (esoterically considered yin energies cp. the explosive yang energies which now power our world), in which all normal physical principals are reversed - negative or Yin energy if you wish.

This discovery permits us to re-examine the principals upon which evolutionary thought is currently based, and consider the possibility that an alternative mechanism exists for evolutionary development, which is capable of adding information to the genome. Harwood (2001)

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The section on DUF in Mythos draws heavily from the Encyclopaedia Britannica 2003 and Miller (2002)

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